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Dogs have been a part of my life for as long as i can remember.
I grew up surrounded by Staffordshire Bull Terrier's, English Bull Terrier's, Whippet's, Springer Spaniel's, Yorkshire Terrier's and Chihuahua's, to name but a few.
I am a former veterinary nurse, and have cared for many different breeds of dog in my role as such.Β 
I have fostered dogs for charity and I have worked with RSPCA cruelty cases.
I have also owned rescue dogs myself and made it to London for the Kennel Club Discover Dogs show, where I performed tricks with one of the dogs I rescued.
It is this love for our canine friends that led me to where I am now.
It is my goal to help as many dogs and their humans enjoy happy, enriched, rewarding lives together.
Concept training may be new to you, but I truly believe it is the way forward.Β 
Games based training has achieved real life results for so many dogs, who's owners had been told there was no hope.
I have studied regular training and behaviour methods, but my faith is well and truly with concept training.
I am qualified and certified with Absolute Dogs Pro-Dog Trainer, with Tom Mitchell, world renowned dog trainer, best-selling author, veterinarian and behaviourist
and Lauren Langman also world renowned dog trainer and world class agility handler of team GB and owner of the biggest dog training centre in the UK.
I am constantly continuing my personal development with the Pro-Dog Trainer Club, The Dog Training College and many other courses including the TV dog trainer from 'Its me or the dog's' Victoria Stillwell and Dr Ian Dunbar.
I am a partner/affiliate of Absolute Dogs and the A-OK9 heath hero products.
So jump on board with us, there is no better place to be !Β 

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