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Akela Whole Prey.

Wholeprey is the concept of feeding dogs as close a diet as possible to that which their wolf ancestors would have eaten. This includes, but is not limited to, meat, liver, cartilage, fat and edible bone.

You will find a complete list of ingredients on each product page. We know it can all be a bit confusing, so here is a breakdown of why we include what we do:

Meat & Fish Ingredients & Sources:

The livestock are raised for human consumption, then the cuts of meat that are desirable within the human food chain are removed and the remaining carcass and organ materials are what are predominantly used in our food. These are nutritious and palatable materials that animals would naturally eat. Due to excess supply we often use the cuts of meat that are desirable for humans too e.g. on a recent factory tour the batch of chicken being used was originally destined for Marks & Spencer but they had over-supply so it was used in our food instead. A video of this can be seen on our facebook page.

We source our ingredients locally wherever possible.

Our raw food meats are all currently sourced from the UK

Our dry kibble & extruded treat ingredients are currently sourced from:

Chicken & Duck - UK sourced (cage-free)

Turkey - EU sourced (cage-free)

Herring - Atlantic sourced

White Fish, Trout & Tuna - EU sourced

Salmon - Scotland (farmed)

Our wet food ingredients are currently sourced from:

Lamb - UK, New Zealand, Australia, Netherlands & France (cage-free)

Wild Boar - EU, Australia & South America (wild & herded)

Venison (Deer) - EU, Australia & South America

Kangaroo - Australia (wild)

Reindeer - Finland, Norway & Sweden (outdoor herded)

Angus Beef - South America (outdoor herded)

Goose - Germany (cage-free)

Prawns/shrimps - Vietnam, China, Equador

Salmon - Scotland (farmed)

Herring - North East Atlantic

Tuna - wild

Veal - Germany, Netherlands, Denmark & France

Our meat treat ingredients are mostly sourced from within the EU (camel scalp & some lamb is sourced from Turkey, veal twists are hand-woven in India - we do not source any treats from China)

Further Information on our dry kibble: 

Food developed to match the canine's natural diet

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