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Are you free on November 19th-21st?

Do you love dogs or have a dog where training has been an unexpected journey?


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Starting the morning of Friday the 19th of November, you can immerse yourself into a 3-day dog training experience unlike any other. This event is meant for:


- Every dog owner

- Every person that dreams of owning a dog

- Dog trainers that are burning out and need an optimism boost

- Aspiring dog trainers wanting to take their learning to the next level

- Dog lovers! … and it’s only £250/$325 (payment plans available for a limited time)


Expert dog trainers will be speaking on topics that will connect with you wherever you are at on your journey. 


Whether you are a beginner to the world of dog training or even a professional trainer – this event is going to be EPIC and it’s meant for you! 


And what’s even better? You can watch it from the comfort of your own living room. For less than £85 per day (a steal!), this virtual event will leave you energised, inspired and ready to tackle any behaviour struggle you’re facing with your dog with renewed vigour (and renewed success!). 


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