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Easy to use…It was a challenge to get my dogs to drink at class and trials. They turned their noses up at their water bowls. Now I mix up a batch of Fresh-K9, they love it, problem solved and I have peace-of-mind that I finally found a product that works!

– Patricia


Do you find it hard to make sure your dog is drinking enough? Are you concerned about their hydration on competition days or in hot weather?


Drawing from our own experiences of hot and thirsty dogs during Summer walks or competition days, we wanted to create a solution that would tempt our dogs to hydrate, even when they turned down water. 


Our Fresh-K9 hydration powder is a highly palatable energy, electrolyte and hydration drink for your dog! Simply add a 1-2 tablespoons of the tasty powder to water, shake in a bottle, pour in a bowl and watch your dog actively choose to stay hydrated!


Benefits of Fresh-K9:


  • Energy rich – added calorie content to refuel active dogs
  • Perfectly aligned to the daily electrolyte requirements of a dog
  • Portable size – carry the pouch with you in the car/bag and use the handy Fresh-K9 water bottle to hydrate your pooch on-the-go!
  • Tasty chicken flavour to tempt even the fussiest pup


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