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Buy Now Tummy troubles and unpleasant stools . Theres a scoop for that!


**Brand New Product!**


Changes in bowel movements and stool quality are a common challenge, whether triggered by stress, a sensitive tummy, insufficient dietary fibre or simply the result of a penchant for eating unsavoury things.


At A-OK9, we believe that a happy gut creates a happy dog, promoting overall wellbeing and vitality. 


That’s why our team of vets and nutritionists developed Probio-K9. In a scoop-a-day, Probio-K9 harnesses the power of….


  • Multiple strains of probiotic in an industry-leading combination for the love of dogs
  • Prebiotics to further nurture the gut microbiome
  • Stool Forming Fibres and Clay to improve the bulk, consistency and regularity of stools (Healthy Stool = Happy Gut!) and bind toxins
  • Immune-boosting Beta Glucans supporting faecal consistency and reducing odour

….As well as other gamechanger ingredients and superfoods! 

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