🐾 Hi K9 Dog Beds and accessories

Raised beds, accessories, toys and food

Our beds are a little different from your conventional bed but this is what makes pets and their owners love them.

The bed collapses down into a bag allowing you to travel with ease, no tools are required and it only takes 2 minutes.Β 

With a fabric top suspended over a metal frame, our bed creates a very comfortable place for your pets to sleep, with no sides they aren't restricted and can choose to either nest and curl up or stretch right out.

Say bye to the condensation underneath your pets bed, with our bed we eliminate all smells, mildew and damp bedding making it practical and perfect for dogs with skin allergies.Β 

To clean the bed, all covers can come off and be placed in the washing machine for a quick cycle, then they are ready to use again. Alternatively you can hose, wipe or even mop them down.

The cover moulds to the shape of your pet ensuring no pressure points which can develop unsightly and uncomfortable sores. This also helps with arthritis and other joint problems.

FACT: Did you know that everything for our beds is replaceable, coming in many variations of fabrics and colours!

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