Behaviour Transformation Plans

Behaviour Transformation Plans

Every dog is unique. At Della's Dog Dilemmas we develop a bespoke transformation plan for each and every dog. we understand that one size does not fit all.

Following a consultation, we will provide you with a transformation plan. You will be supported during the whole process. Help and support is offered not only during the transformation process, but also beyond. You will be welcome to reach out at any point in the future. You will be part of our tribe. 

We work with the dog in front of us to get real life results.

Whatever the struggle we have the solution. 

It is my mission to help the dogs and owners who need it most. In order to make this possible and to help all dogs live their best life, any Transformation Plan or training program will be available at very reasonable costs. 

Online Packages available, so distance is no problem !

For information on concept training see More About Concept Training in Concept K9 Learning.

Book your free introduction call to discuss your requirements and what we can do for you, by clicking the book button below. 

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