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Teaching Skills and Sparking Excitement! “Do More With Your Dog!” is the motto of founder Kyra Sundance. Whether through sport, tricks, or companionship, she encourages the integration of your dog into more areas of your life. Dogs have a way of making the activities we share with them more fun, and by giving them training, we allow them to participate in more areas of our life Come join the fun! 

Why is Trick Training Useful?

Trick training not only provides physical and mental challenges for the dog; it also provides a rewarding experience for the owner, and encourages a relationship based upon clear communication and positive reinforcement training methods.

Trick training is also excellent for reactive dogs and building confidence.

The process of teaching dog tricks puts into play the foundational concepts and techniques of animal training: operant conditioning, marker training, consistency, timing, and motivation. In teaching tricks, we get to practice these techniques and immediately see the results. Each new trick presents a unique challenge that we can address with creativity and the insight of our previous experience. 

join us and earn your titles. 

Online Packages available, so distance is no problem ! 

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