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If you have a new puppy or an inexperienced dog due to Covid restrictions, this class is for you !

This is a six week course for those who want to grow skills that will set in motion a rewarding life and relationships. Due to Covid restrictions we are seeing many young dogs past the phases of puppyhood that missed out early education. This is why we decided to provide a class for all inexperienced dogs of all ages.

Starting off by building a fantastic foundation for all those skills and concepts that make your life as an owner easier and building rock solid rewarding relationships with your dog’s. The course is not about teaching a sit or down, but actually shaping the brain by growing the concepts needed in all areas of life. Concepts that give the dog the tools to offer appropriate behaviour in any situation . Now if that sounds good to you, secure your place today so you don’t miss out on the start of a journey you will never regret !

PLEASE COMPLETE INTAKE FORM and check availability. Payment secured your place 

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