Perfect For Puppies Programme

Perfect For Puppies Programme

Perfect For Puppies

A unique program of One to One sessions, group puppy meets plus Out And About sessions. This program really does provide your puppy with the very best start to life.

This is a comprehensive program providing your puppy with the tools to negotiate a confusing world.
Using 3 minute games for optimal learning.

We know how short the attention span of puppies can be so the course is very much designed to deliver just the right amount at each stage.

The course is a six week long program which can be extended if required, or if you want to move to the life skills program you will be guaranteed a place

This could be the best gift you could give to your puppy. As our mission statement says “Helping Dogs Live Their Best Life “ and helping owners grow the strongest bond 

what’s not to love , sign up today ! 

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