Puppy FUNdamentals

Puppy FUNdamentals

Puppy FUNdamentals is a great way to introduce your puppy to training the concept way. The emphasis is on FUN ! puppies love to play and using the specially developed games you and your puppy will have a great time growing those fundamental concepts.

This is a four week course, comprising of

 Week 1 :- Focus Fun.

Help your puppy focus on you.

Week 2 :- Smart Socialisation

Confidence & Stratagies.

Week 3:- Disengagement from the environment 

The magic of games to get your puppy engaging with you.

Week 4:- More novelty excitement 

New doesn’t have to be bad. Instead, it’s no big deal.

When you have compleated puppy Fundamentals you will be all set to progress onto Perfect For Puppies the next program lasting 6 weeks 

For more information on Perfect For Puppies Click Here 

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